P90X Round 5 Mass: Day 2, Heavy Back & Biceps!

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P90X Mass VERSION 2.0. (ROUND 5)

DAY 2: Heavy Back & Biceps



I’m not done eating yet for today but I though I’d show this anyway.



Pre Workout

1 serving C4(MY NEW SUPPLEMENT! :D)


Post Workout

2 serving creatine

2 serving xtend

1 serving iso mass xtreme gainer



Monday…. my last day off! 🙁 noooooooooooo -_-

Workout: Day 2, Round 5(in total), Mass Round (v2). Heavy Back & Biceps (20lb vest) !

Day 2:  Today was a very intense workout day! I got my new supplement that i’ve been wanting to try which is C4 Extreme. I might say it worked pretty well today as I was able to finally upgrade my 15lb vest to 20lbs( the heaviest my vest will go). I wore it for the whole workout of back and biceps and I was actually able to complete my whole workout. Not only that but I used 30 pound dumbells for the workout except for about 2-3 exercises where i used the bands or 20lbs.

Overall today was a very intense workout and I felt super pumped after I finished it.  It’s back to work for me tomorrow. The real challenge is going to be getting home late and taking that C4 supplement. Hoping it will give me the push to complete my workout at night!

My post workout drink tastes pretty weird right now. Strawberry Iso Mass Serving+ Watermelon Xtend+ creatine. Its good nutrition wise but tastes funny.



Quote of the Day:   “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them. “


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