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Home Workout Clips: #5

Hey guys! Here is some workout footage of my home workout. Todays exercises were some accessory work like biceps/deltoids etc. Overall felt pretty good but another thing is that I’ve decided to start using my weighted vest again. How long I’ll be using it for is unknown right now but I do know that it

X2 Ab Ripper Workout From P90X2!

This workout is the sequel to the highly praised AB Ripper X from P90X. This ‘X2  Ab Ripper‘ workout focuses more on isolation exercises. So strap yourself in for this fun filled ride! I decided to record myself today doing this workout & give you guys commentary and music to enjoy. Feel free to favorite

Babylover’s Starting Strength: Day 1

Hi guys I just finished a round of practical programming starting strength and I heard about babylover’s so wanted to give it a try. I’ve never done barbell rows or deltoid exercises primarly before so I hope to get some good gains on this program. I’ll do my best to include videos as well.  Babylover

Ripped Abs in 30 Days

  Everyone wants those awesome ripped abs by the upcoming summer. What if I told you that it’s possible! I was reading through my muscle and fitness magazine today which is the june 2012 edition. I stumbled upon a workout that will get you ripped abs in 30 days. Now this is pretty intense and

Starting Strength # 33 – Workout Clips

Starting strength session # 33 was todays workout. For those of you who don’t know what starting strength is, it’s basically heavy lifting of compound exercises three days a week.  Ranging from bench press, dead lift, back squats, over head press & power cleans. In the version I’m doing which is called Practical Programming, it omits

Top Abdominal Exercises

Hey guys, I know its been a few days since my last post here. I’ve actually made a new youtube video. If you want to watch that go ahead and click the link below!   anyway.. moving on.   Today was supposed to be X2 AB Ripper from P90X2, now I’ve done that workout

Enjoying Outdoor Workouts

You may enjoy the feeling of working indoors because it is convenient, hassle-free, and less risky. However, there is more to exercise than just running on a treadmill and tiring yourself until everything gives. Imagine what you will be missing when you feel that morning breeze on your face, breathing in that crisp and fresh

P90X: Back and Biceps

P90X Back and Biceps is another workout that you start doing during the second phase if you are following the classic or the doubles version of the program. Talk about getting a pump going in your biceps. Your arms are going to burn after (and during) this workout. Back and Biceps consists of 24 exercises.

P90X: Shoulders & Arms

Here is a quick run down of the exercises and how to do them correctly from P90X Shoulders and Arms! Done correctly you could increase your muscle gains and have a great workout! What You Will Need: Dumbbells, Bands, Chair, Water, Towel The set up of this workout is geared more towards working the targeted areas