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P90X3 Review: X3 Yoga

Today was my first time trying X3 yoga from P90x3 which is the 3rd installment in the P90 X series. The main selling point of P90x3 is the fact all the workouts are about 30 minutes max. I just recently started with P90x3 so I haven’t tried all the workouts yet. This was my first

P90X2 vs P90X – The Real Truth!

While I don’t currently do full 100% P90X, I do still occasionally do the workouts. I originally started P90X in 2009 and did over 3 full rounds of P90X, 2 rounds of P90X+ and then played around with P90X2. While I haven’t done a full round of P90X2 I know enough about it to give

V Sculpt From P90X2: My Review

Yesterday was my first time trying the exclusive workout V Sculpt from P90X2. It was actually a lot of cool things and is now one of my more enjoyable workouts from P90X2 thus far. You can only get this workout if you order your P90X2 through a beachbody coach (myself or someone else) or if

X2 Shoulders and Arms: My Review

This was my first time trying this workout of X2 Shoulders and Arms. I saw a lot of cool things in this workout that I enjoyed but also some things that I didn’t really like. So I’ll be giving an honest review of my thoughts on x2 shoulders and arms. I’ve only done this workout

X2 Balance and Power: My Review

So while I’ve only done this workout once so far as of this posting. I still wanted to talk about how my experience was with this workout X2 Balance and Power from P90X2. I’ll tell you this so far, I enjoyed it quit a bit more than I did X2 Core from last week. This

P90X DVD List

P90 X is a world-class at-home fitness program. With 90 days and the opportunity to repeat this program. Giving 12 intense workout DVDs.  You’ll be trained from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet in all varieties of exercises ranging from abdominal workouts,push-ups, pull-ups, lunges and squats. Since I’ve done over

X2 Yoga: Should You Do It? Honest Review

Another new edition in our P90X reviews section. Today will be talking about X2 Yoga. Which is the yoga workout DVD from P90X2 (sequel to P90X). Not everyone enjoys doing Yoga, I don’t really like doing it. However yoga and in this case x2 yoga is very beneficial to your body. It provides increased flexibility,

X-Stretch vs X2 Recovery & Mobility

So today I was doing my workout which was actually supposed to be X2 Recovery & Mobility from P90X but instead I opted  to do X-Stretch from P90x Classic. I hadn’t done that workout in a while and I wanted to get some really good stretching in today. So after I finished that workout it

P90X Reviews: Yoga X

This new series I am working on is called P90X reviews. I’ll be going over every workout and showcasing majority of what you can expect in each P90X exercise routine. While P90X isn’t the newest program out right now from beachbody it’s still probably one of the best. First off let me give you a