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AYL Sports Headphones , should you buy?

About 2 months ago I bought some new earbuds on ebay because my old ones were in bad shape. The ear cushion had broken apart leaving little pieces of fake leather all over my ear and floor sometimes. Those headphones were decent and lasted a good while I guess but didn’t look all that great on

Getting Fit With Krav Maga

Getting Fit With Krav Maga Krav Maga is known as a mixed martial arts and self-defense system used by the Israeli Defense forces. It dates back to pre-World War II, to a young man who had studied martial arts. Needing an efficient way to defend himself, he began using his knowledge of martial arts to

Nectar Sunglasses Review: Amethyst

Today I’m reviewing a part of Nectar sunglasses that were sent to me for my opinion on them. I’m going to give my honest review on what I think of these glasses and also supply a link you guys can click to get your own down below so if you enjoy what you read and

Holiday Hustle: Staying healthy on the go

Sponsored post for Nuwave Fitness by Paisley Hansen The holidays are right around the corner, which means that most people are getting ready for holiday parties and meals. However, although the holidays are filled with cheer and fun, unfortunately, it’s also a time when people ignore their health and make bad decisions. Staying healthy during

Begin your career as a gym instructor

This is a sponsored post for Nuwave Fitness     Begin your career as a gym instructor With plenty of people looking to take better care of their nutrition and fitness, the need for gym instructors – also known as fitness instructors – has never been in such high demand until now. From meeting new

A helpful tool for Personal Trainers!

This is a sponsored post for Nuwave Fitness   When you’re a personal trainer with lots of clients your personal schedule can be quite busy. Waking up early, meeting with multiple clients and marketing yourself can be a lot of work for just one person! Now unless you’ve got a personal assistant to manage everything

Update post since day 5 of my 2013 program

Hey everyone it’s been a while since my last post here detailing my 2013 workout program days. If you haven’t been following me on my YouTube channel then you’re definitely missing out but that’s okay! Basically I’ve still been doing my workouts as best as possible but they don’t feel 100% because I haven’t been

Aging and Memory: Weightlifting Can Help?

I got an email today from Google Alerts telling me about an interesting article written that shows the possiblity of weightlifting aiding in aging and memory! Below is an expert from the website.  Aging and Memory: Weightlifting Can Help? Weightlifting and aerobics may help slow down declining memory problems, a new study has found.  A conference heard