MuscleTech NANO Vapor Review

A few months back I received a free package of MuscleTech performance series Nano Vapor to try then review. I also got some promotional items to go with it. After trying out the full 40 serving container I wanted to go ahead and give my review on it.

MuscleTech NANO Vapor Pre Workout

MuscleTech Nano Vapor Review



The first few weeks of taking this product I felt a great boost of energy within about 1 hour of use. I didnt feel any tingling feelings but that is probably due to no beta alanine in this product. Which personally I like that tingling feeling in my pre workouts. One thing that did kind of scare me though was my heart beats felt a bit different, hard to explain but my heart beating just felt stronger and harder. It wore off after a few hours though. For my workouts I noticed a lasting energy to keep me going during my weight lifting.  I didnt notice any great pumps or bulging veins from using nano vapor though.

FLAVOR – 8/10 (Fruit Punch)

Flavor was good your typical fruit punch but this one wasn’t as sweet compared other popular brands.


Scoop size is quite big for a pre workout (at 13g per scoop) I’m used to 5g scoop pre workouts so at 13g it tells me this isnt quite as concentrated as some other brands.  That might be due to the additional supplement ingredients in this pre workout nano vapor compared to others. All pre workouts tend to mix pretty easily in a shaker cup. I noticed a lot of foam using a shaker cup and none using just spoon stirring so your choice!

VALUE – 5/10

Average retail price is about $45 for 40 servings so your looking at $1.25 per scoop. You might be able to find it cheaper from certain sites or places which will make the savings even better. I usually try to spend less than $1 per scoop for my pre workouts because caffeine tends to become less effective with prolonged use.What that means is you’ll constantly need more and more scoops towards the end of product use thus increasing the price of it.

Overall though I did enjoy this product but wish it was more concentrated and had beta alanine in it.


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