Jacked Pack Review: July 2015

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Been a while since a blog post but don’t worry more to come in time. Today I recorded a video of the July edition of Jacked Pack. Which is a monthly fitness subscription box. You pay $15 a month and get 5-10 supplement samples sent to you with a variety of types. You might get a pre workout, thermogenic, whey protein, protein bar or even a fitness related DVD! It’s a good idea and I enjoy looking forward to whats inside the box each month. Sometimes I get things I love and use all the samples in the box and other months I get something that doesn’t interest me very much and unfortunately I don’t use all of my samples I get. In this month’s box where is what we got:

Jacked Pack Review: July 2015

Whats Inside:

  • EVL Nutrition ENGN   (pre workout)
  • MHP Fit & Lean Power Pak Pudding (protein pudding cup vanilla)
  • Promax Lower Sugar (Honey Peanut) protein bar hype!
  • ProSupps Dr. Jekyll  (lesser version of mr hyde pre workout)
  • Body Fortress Super NOS Blast (pre workout)
  • Magnum Limitless Extreme Pre-Workout
  • 3 Mancakes  (protein pancakes)

Now I love pre workout supplements as much as the next guy but sometimes I get overloaded with these pre workout samples. Reason behind that is when I pick a pre workout I like I stick with it for a pretty long time if I still feel like I’m getting results. Recently I’ve switched over to Dyno Pre workout (used to be on C4 extreme by Cellucor) so while all these pre workout samples look great to me I probably wont try them until I run out of my full serving container of Dyno and waiting for the new order to arrive. From what I got this month all I’ve tried so far is the Promax protein bar which tasted pretty good. I’ll probably take the protein pudding cup after my workout and maybe even make a mancake later on. Now lets break down the cost/savings ratio:

This month box value – $18 (based on my own research)
Cost of Jacked Pack – $15 per month free shipping

Savings of $3 if you enjoy and use all the products provided in the box.
3 protein pancakes
1 pudding cup
4 pre workouts
1 protein bar

Not bad for this July 2015 edition of Jacked Pack. I would have liked more variety instead of 4 pre workouts but from what I hear there is special theme each month and August edition will be a full pre workout box… oh snap hype city for sure.

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Jacked Pack Review: July 2015 

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