How to Gain Mass Tip # 1- Breakfast

I often get asked the question from people either on youtube or forums asking me how to gain mass. Its a simple question but has deeper meaning when you get down to it. How to gain mass is pretty easy, you basically just eat more calories in than your body can burn. If you burn 2000 calories a day you eat 2500 or 3000 and you’ll see weight gain. However not everyone wants to just gain weight as fat. We want to turn that into mass and muscle growth. So today I decided to make a video on how to gain mass. Its  7 minutes long but a pretty informative and basic video. Showing you some tips and ideas on how to gain mass with breakfast. Having a liquid meal for breakfast is okay if you combine it with whole food type ingredients. Please watch the video below and I hope you enjoy How to Gain Mass Tip # 1. Expect more in the future!


How to Gain Mass Tip #1 – Breakfast


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