Holiday Hustle: Staying healthy on the go

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The holidays are right around the corner, which means that most people are getting ready for holiday parties and meals. However, although the holidays are filled with cheer and fun, unfortunately, it’s also a time when people ignore their health and make bad decisions. Staying healthy during the holiday season isn’t impossible; honestly, all you have to do is eat nutritious food, and be sure to get some exercise. Getting health insurance is also a good idea of you don’t already have it. Many illnesses and injuries happen around the holiday seasons and it would be great to avoid all the stress of sick kids or injuries, not to mention financial stress that might be tied to such misfortunes. Here’s some tips to enjoy the holiday festivities without jeopardizing your health in the process.


Stay active:

Most people travel during the holiday season, which means that they probably forget about exercise. However, staying active while traveling or during the winter season is possible if you put effort into it. One way you can stay active while traveling is to go for a jog, walk or simply tour around the new town. There are plenty of fun places to visit and see while you’re visiting friends and relatives. Explore hills, mountains, fields and parks that are nearby. This is a great family activity and a good way to bond with the relatives.


Another way you can stay active during the holidays is by trying some winter specific activities. Skiing and snowboarding are two great exercise options because they strengthen the legs, burn a ton of calories and promote balance and coordination. Ice skating is also a spectacular cardiovascular exercise that helps you tone the legs, burn calories, slim the waist and improve posture.; it’s also a lot of fun.

Exercise is important for several reasons. First, exercising helps you maintain your weight, which tends to go up during the holiday season due to all the unhealthy food that’s around. Exercising is also a fantastic way to strengthen your immune system, and since people tend to get sick during the frigid weather, it’s imperative to stay active during winter.


Food for thought:

Holiday cookies, ham, turkey, pumpkin pie, mashed potatoes gravy and delectable desserts are the best part of the holiday season, but pigging out during Christmas and Thanksgiving can cause you to over indulge and suffer from other health issues like high blood pressure and excessive cholesterol levels. However,eating healthy during the holiday season is easier than you think. First, when preparing a holiday meal, avoid using butter, margin and the deep fryer to keep the meal lean. Instead, you can use a hint of olive oil for flavor. You can also add sugar substitute to the holiday cookies to make them easier on the waisteline. Instead of deep fried appetizers, you can prepare a healthful yet delicious vegetable soup. You can also substitute unhealthy refined carbs for wholesome whole grains that are rich in nutrients. Nuts, granola bars, and dried fruit are great options to throw in your pack while you’re out and about. Whole grains contain B vitamins, healthy carbs and plenty of fiber. You can also make steamed vegetables with cranberries as a delicious side dish.


Your health is the most important thing in life, so incorporating healthy habits during the holiday season will definitely pay off. If you follow these tips, you will be able to enjoy your holiday season responsibly. If you are on the go, away from your home and daily routines it might be a good idea to look into travel insurance options. It’s also a great idea to protect your family with a good health policy. Nowadays there are many inexpensive options where you can compare health insurance coverages to see what would be a best fit for you and your family.

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