Getting Fit With Krav Maga

Getting Fit With Krav Maga

Krav Maga is known as a mixed martial arts and self-defense system used by the Israeli Defense forces. It dates back to pre-World War II, to a young man who had studied martial arts. Needing an efficient way to defend himself, he began using his knowledge of martial arts to form a fighting style that efficiently disables and neutralizes a target.

While many people have heard of Krav Maga, they may not be aware that this is not only a fighting style, but also a great way to improve health and fitness. As a system that combines boxing, jiujitsu, judo ,and aikido, learning this fighting style uses all major muscle groups, toning the body to result in a muscular physique.

The reason why Krav Maga improves fitness lies in its basic style. It’s an aggressive and dynamic activity that involves both the body and mind. The short, high-intensity explosive movements build huge amounts of muscle force with regular training. In addition to building this force, the exercises develop strong pathways from the brain to muscle groups which help improve reflexes. Through these workouts, the short intense movements used help to elevate a person’s metabolic rate, burn fat, and build muscle. It combines with cardio exercise with strength training movements to provide a complete workout. Krav Maga sessions are also much more intense than other classes and people expend about 20-30% more energy than traditional workout sessions.

If you want to learn more about Krav Maga techniques and what they can do you for you, there are a few ways to get fit with this fighting style. One of great hands-on ways is to join a gym that teaches Krav Maga or take a class at a local martial arts center. The specialized instructor that you get through these classes is a great resource on how to learn Krav Maga safely. If you’re not interested in taking a class yet, there are instructional books and videos on the subject. Many of these resources will help to give you a basic overview of Krav Maga and help you get started. Online resources are another easy and highly recommended way to learn more about the martial arts. You can read instructions, interact with others who know Krav Maga and also watch instructional videos and tutorials on the subject of getting fit with krav maga.

One great online source is This online resource contains a huge amount of information about the different types of martial arts and can help you learn more as well as get started. Along with general information, there are guides to martial arts and training programs that can help you learn Kav Maga online. In addition to these training and information resources, there is also a blog which features articles focused on martial arts and new developments in this area.

With so many resources readily available, it’s easier than ever to get involved with martial arts. Not only is this a great way to learn some self-defense techniques, Krav Maga dramatically improves fitness through high intensity workouts that increase strength and tone muscle groups. For anyone who has both of these goals, consider taking up Krav Maga and start seeing noticeable results.

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