EBOOST Supplement Review

Just the other day I did a review on EBOOST, which is an all natural supplement that helps to boost your immune system and energy levels. I wouldn’t place it in the same category as super pumped up pre-workout drinks but it does seem to have a decent ingredient list. I would compare this to something along the lines of redbull or maybe the 5hour energy drinks.

EBOOST Supplement Review:

I’m going to be honest and rate this product in terms of how it worked for me.  I’ve taken only 1 serving of this product and used it as my pre workout for the day because I was out of my usual drink. With that being said since I haven’t used this extensively please draw your own conclusions to how effective this product will be for you.

Eboost Supplement video reivew


I’m used to taking pretty strong pre workouts and by now my tolerance is pretty high. I didn’t take any caffeine for 2 days and was starting to get a headache so I wanted to take this and see if it helped to get rid of that. I knew it probably wouldn’t give me any insane boost of energy but I wanted at least to get rid of that headache by giving myself some natural caffeine.  It actually did the job pretty well, my workout went fine and I didn’t feel tired or get any crash effect. I did have a little bit of stomach irritation but maybe that was just me.



I’ve tried a lot of different flavors of supplements so I would consider myself pretty good in giving honest scores in this department. unfortunately, the flavor of this EBOOST wasn’t that great. It certainly wasn’t the worst drink I’ve tasted but it was nothing special. I couldn’t link it to any specific flavor but thankfully I didn’t get any bad aftertaste like some people were claiming with their Orange and Pink Lemonade flavors.


I used 1 sample packet in 12 oz of cold water with a shaker ball. It mixed fine but about 1/4 of the water was full of foam. Nothing major but for some people who kills the product. I watched another video of someone stirring this with just a straw and it was even more foam. So best case scenario is mix with a shaker than drink from a straw to avoid foam all together until the bottom.

VALUE – 5/10

30 packets for $33.99 on bodybuilding.com which equates to about 1.13$ per serving before shipping. A little bit cheaper than some more popular pre workout drinks that are about 1.5$ per serving.

Overall I think this is a decent product for individuals that are sedentary or don’t want super pumped pre workout drinks. Just enough to give them a little jolt (even if its placebo) to hit the gym or do something physical. For sedentary individuals that might be beneficial as well to give you more helpful ingredients than monster drinks or redbull.

EBOOST Supplement Review

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