Difference between Military Press & Overhead Press?

So today I was getting ready to do my normal workout routine which has Military Press involved in it. As I get ready to approach the bar I quickly decided to read a form article on how to do it correctly. Turns out I was doing Overhead Press this whole time and not “technically” military press. Whats the difference? Good question!

Difference between Military Press & Overhead Press

Turns out the main difference between the two is the foot stance and with just a simple adjustment of the feet you could be potentially doing a harder movement.

Military Press:

  • Feet(Heels) Together
  • Much harder than standard overhead press

Overhead Press:

  • Wide stance (little bit past shoulder width)
  • Easier than military press

Push Press we’ll save for another topic! Remember to have elbows forward and chest up. Turns out we learn something new everyday!



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