Calendar For P90X

Calendar For P90X

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Calendar For P90X

Hello my friends! I’m sure if you’ve got P90X your going to eventually need more calenders or some updated tools. So today I’m going to share some download links with you! Anyone who is currently doing P90X, plansshare your comments below(any advice, questions, how your doing, etc)!

For anyone who is just starting P90X like I was, finding the calender for p90x as a .pdf download is very helpful! Simply print out the worksheet & you can use them!

Below are some helpful downloads as well, to keep yourself organized you can print all the documents out & hole punch them in your ‘official’ p90x binder!

Calender for P90X in .pdf format

Not done Yet! I found this really cool spreadsheet that has all the reps & workout schedule in one excel spreadsheet! I havent examined it full but it seems to have a lot of potential for being awesome!

Hopefully you’ll be able to put these spreadsheets to use and show off your family & friends the improvement you make on your rep increases!
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Last but not least, you should already have ordered P90X but if not you can always get it here! The time is now! Start your health & fitness journey! Reach your goals!




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