Bodybeast Abs workout from Bodybeast Workout Program

So just the other day I did my first workout of Bodybeast which was the Bodybeast Abs. I’ve only done this once so far and its a really quick workout so its kind of hard to judge how effective it will be. I’ll leave it up to you on how good you think it is. The focus on the Bodybeast program is to get you HUGE by packing on solid muscle and size within 90 days. I can understand their reasoning behind the quick ab workout to avoid burning too many calories. Another thing is that most other exercises that are compound lifts also strengthen your core so you often times don’t even need a pure ab workout. Here is a link as well for this who aren’t able to watch the bodybeast abs video below.

Bodybeast Abs Equipment Needed:

1 Weight

Bodybeast Abs Exercise List:

Crunches (20 reps)
Russian Twist (20 reps)
Hip Up
Crossed Tuck In
Spiderman Crunch
Bucket Drop
One Arm Open Plank
Beast Abs (Spelling) *so silly in my opinion*

Workout Time: 12 minutes


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