Burned Out: It Can Happen to You!

by Lloyd Sterling
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So I just recently returned from a trip to Honolulu and during that time I figured out that I was getting burned out with working out every single day and only having one day off. While I had been doing it for a long time I didn’t really understand how monotonous it was becoming. So [...]

My trip to Honolulu

by Lloyd Sterling
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So I’ve been gone for just a few days but I was able to do alot. I went to Honolulu to visit some friends and meet some new people. Got to enjoy the hustle &bustle of the city! Its definitly a diffefernt enviroment than the current island I live on now. I got sunburned kinda [...]

Introduction of Jessica R

by Jessica R.
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Thanks to NuWave Fitness for letting me write my blog stories on here   Skinny Girl Healthy. Strong. Fit.   “I wish I had her body!” “Man she is soo skinny!!” “GAH I HATE MY LEGS!!!” I used to catch myself saying these things to myself all the time, feeling sorry for myself had become [...]

So Be Life: Getting Knocked Down…

by Lloyd Sterling
so be life

Today was just like any other regular day on my schedule. I had the usual motivation of getting everything done which is around a 9/10 on the scale. 10 meaning I’m super motivated and one meaning I’m not motivated at all. So overall it was a pretty solid number. I was going to tackle writing [...]

Weighted Vest: What Are the Benefits?

by Lloyd Sterling
weighted vest

  Altus Adjustable 40 Lb. Conditioning Vest Weighted Vest: Worth It? Recently I’ve been having  a little experiment of adding a weighted vest into my workout routine. Currently I’m doing Starting Strength and replaced the power clean exercise with chin ups & pull ups. What I’ve noticed is that while I haven’t done pull ups [...]

Supplements For Gaining Weight

by Lloyd Sterling
Supplements For Gaining Weight

Supplements For Gaining Weight If your like me, your always looking for the best supplements to gain weight fast or build insane muscle.  However supplements are just that, they help supplement in addition to your normal diet. I’m going to list my personal top 5 supplements for gaining weight. This is my personal opinion based [...]

Starting Strength Session # 12

by Lloyd Sterling
starting strength session 12

Starting Strength Session 12 Hey guys whats going on, coach lloyd here once again! I know its been a couple days since my last post but I’ve been pretty busy IRL and I apologize for that. Today’s post is actually discussing yesterdays workout which was starting strength. Overall it was a excellent workout and one [...]

Starting Strength Session # 9

by Lloyd Sterling
starting strength session 9

Starting Strength Session 9 Hello my friends! Coach Lloyd here once again, I know its been a few days since my last blog post here and I’m sorry for that! I’ve been pretty busy with real life stuff. Today’s workout was actually supposed to be a rest day/off day. However I didn’t workout because I [...]

Starting Strength Session # 7

by Lloyd Sterling
starting strength session 7

Starting Strength Session 7 Hey guys whats up, coach Lloyd here from NuWave Fitness and today I’ll be updating you with my starting strength session 7. I decided to make a video today which is vlog #3. Simply showing a quick workout clip and talking about how the starting strength workout went. The workout for today went [...]

Driven Sports, Craze: Buy 2 Get One FREE! Limited Time Only!

by Lloyd Sterling
driven sports

Hello my fitness friends! Coach Lloyd here and I wanted to share this link with you today as you might find it useful for you pre workout junkies! (I’m one too dont worry!). I got a cool email from today letting me know of a limited time offer they have going on with this [...]

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