From the Bench: (Week 4 Update), Yoga X2!


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Week 4 Update!


calories: 2500( yeah I know.. how strange!)

protein: 208g

Didn’t hit my 3500 caloric intake mark but i did finally hit over 200g protein which is always good. Having Serious Mass for the calories and isopure for extra protein throughout the day is great!

Pre Workout


Post Workout

pastrami sandwhich? lol



Last day off, tomorrow is back to the grind 🙁

Workout:  YOGA X2, Week 4 Update

Week 4 Update: So I’ve been trying to keep you guys updated regularly with my posts and workouts. Yesterday was the end of week 4 and I thought i’d share a highlight post and state everything done throughout the 4 weeks. I’ve learned a lot with this Starting Strength program. I’ve gotten stronger, gained some weight and also muscle definition. Overall its a great program, one of the difficulties I find is the loading phase. You constantly increase the weights each workout by 5-10 lbs depending on the exercise. It hasn’t affected me yet on deadlifts and bench press, however in the overhead press & squats I’ve had to actually lower the weights than what it tells me to lift. Just because I’m unable to do the reps.  For example I don’t have a squat rack so my choices in squats are pretty much power clean the weight up and do front squats.  On certain days one of the exercises already are power cleans, so I’m basically doing those twice which are tough for the stamina. If the weight is 120lbs squat, I can’t powerclean that up onto my shoulders then squat. It just feels risky and I’m not in control. So a new exercise I’ve found to do for squats is called the ‘hack squat’ which is basically a reverse deadlift. I’ve only tried it for one workout but it seems to work. Check out the video below on that.

Moving on to P90X2 workouts, I did Yoga X2 yesterday for the first time, it was pretty awesome. It moves a lot faster than Yoga X from P90X does. The whole workout is 66 minutes long. 45 minutes of yoga moves, then the remainder 20 minutes is some abs, stretching, and mobility exercises. I was sweating A LOT, by the end of the 45 minutes of yoga. It’s that intense!


Quote of the Day:  “Change your thoughts, and you change your world. 


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