From the Bench: Week 3 Update

Hey guys, 

I know its been a while since my last post on here. I’ve been pretty busy with work as always and unforutantely haven’t had all that much time to put here. I did make a youtube video a few days ago but I shall be making another one tonight hopefully and posting it there. It will most likely be a update video on what I’m about to type here.

Overall my last week with the ‘Starting Strength’ program and P90X2 has been ‘okay’ I know I could have done a lot better and sadly I did miss a few days this week of my workout.  I missed 3 days this week, One of them was Yoga X2, Workout A from Starting Strength, and recovery & mobility from P90X2. Now I made up for Workout A today (1/29/12) but that means I missed out on Workout B which was supposed to be today. So I’m a day or so behind right now. Either way I can’t really worry about it now. When You miss a workout you just have to pick up where you left off. Thats the thing.

I spent so much time freaking out that I had missed a workout or three…. That I was google searching things like ‘what to do if you missed a workout’. The bottom line is that, you pick up where you left off. The problem with Starting Strength program is that you increase the weights by 5lbs every workout. So if you miss too many workouts and try to start back where you should be. You’ll be in a rude awakening when you realize its 40lbs later and you can’t lift the weight lol.

So in all matters, simply start where you stopped. Besides its a good thing to have a couple rest days every so often, now I’m not saying purposely miss workouts, but life does happen. When it does dont freak out like I did lol. Just pick yourself up where you stopped and just keep pushing play and doing your best each and every day!

The youtube video should be up soon!

Keep Calm and Carry On!


-Lloyd Sterling










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