From the Bench: Day 9

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Day 9 of from the bench!


total calories: 2555

Fat(g) Carbs(g) Prot(g) KCals
15 486 100 2555
Not enough protein intake today, I’m waiting on my new supplement to arrive to mix with serious mass.

Pre Workout

1 serving C4!

Post Workout

1 serving serious mass w/ water



Last day @ work, I get 2 days off, hopefully I wont get called into work again so I’ll actually be able to enjoy these 2 days off lol. We closed today @ 2PM instead of the usual 4PM. SO i get even more free time! Those 2 hours made a big difference as I was able to get a lot of more stuff done @ home and get a haircut!

Workout: Day 9 of  Starting Strength(Classic)   

Day 9 of SS( 12/17/11):  So lets see, I missed day 8 of from the bench. Reason being is well… I was working on my website, trying to add new things to it. I let time get away and before I knew it, it was 8PM and i go to sleep usually between 8-9PM on work nights.

As far as how the workout went for today. It was actually really good considering I haven’t worked out in 4 days.  The only main problem I seem to have right now is doing the required weights in squats since I dont have a rack. I’m using front squats and starting to feel uncomfortable with the heavy weight so I tend to go down in weight some.


Completed all sets at required weight except for the workout sets of 3 sets @ 5 reps. Was supposed  to be 120lbs but lowered to 100lbs.


Completed all working sets 3 sets @ 5 reps. 120lbs


Completed all working sets @ 1 set of 5 reps. 140lbs. My back didn’t hurt this time as much as it did last SS workout.


Quote of the Day: “Never Assume “

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