From the Bench: Day 3 (Week 1 Update)

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Day 3 of from the bench series!


calories: 1800( yeah I know.. how strange!)

protein: 140g

I ate really really clean today. Mostly was Chicken, Brown Rice, Black Beans, Oatmeal & Eggs! Still though I’m waiting for my serious mass to come in and be able to push to that minimum 3000 calorie mark.

Pre Workout

1 serving C4!

Post Workout

1 serving creatine!


Monday( Last day off 🙁 )

Well, looks like its back to work after tonight my friends! Who likes work, no one really lol… so I guess there’s no reason to complain. My 2 days off were nice and I always look forward to sleeping in until 8-9AM. Instead of the usual waking up @ 5AM.

Workout: Day 3 Strength Strength(Classic)  Week 1 Update 

Week 1 Update: So technically its the 3rd day of Starting Strength, yet it’s the end of the first week when you include my other workouts I do (ab ripper x/ ab core plus/ etc) in between SS workouts. So lets do a recap and explain how it went.

Overall the workouts in Starting Strength went good, The first two days were more of understanding my limitations and pushing hard. Day 3 was a lot smoother. Some of the moves say to use 100lbs or 110lbs, I still don’t feel comfortable with that much yet so I do about 85lbs which is a lot for me. Considering i’ve never done Bench Press, Dead Lifts, Or Squats before this program. I mean sure, I did P90X but that is a lot different because your using dumbells that are maybe 25-30 lbs max.

HOWEVER, P90X defiantly helped me to get condition to do this program. I’m able to bench 100lbs and Deadlift 100lbs as the program says to. Considering I’ve never done it before!? I would say P90X helped me to prepare to do that.

Moving on to eating habbits, I’ve gotten a lot of food that is high carb/ good protein/ good calories and I’ve been doing my best to eat every 2-3 hours and eat A LOT. Hopefully it will pay off. I’m waiting for Serious Mass to come in soon since i’ve been out for a few weeks.

I’m currently one day behind on my schedule, as I was working on my website changes. I also missed 1 day which was Yoga X. I was just too tired when I got home honestly, I think i got home around 7PM instead of the usual 6-6:30pm. Other than that, if you dont like reading. WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW! 😀



Quote of the Day:  “Do It! I Say. Whatever you want to do , do it now! There are only so many tomorrows.


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