Beast Creature “Creatine” Review

Today I wanted to give my written review that goes alongside my review I made a few days ago for Creature by Beast Sports which is supposed to be an advanced creatine blend. I’ve only tried one sample serving of this so my review below and attached video at the bottom is based on that. 

Beast Creature “Creatine” Review:

So let’s go ahead and get started, as always I have my own little rating system here so lets see how Creature by Beast Sports scored.

beast creature supplement review

Effectiveness – 5/10 

It’s always hard to judge the effectiveness of a creatine supplement, especially after only trying it once. Creatine is a slow acting supplement that takes at least 30 days but ideally longer before you see results in workouts.  That being said I didn’t notice any substantial difference in using this creature by beast sports vs regular creatine monohydrate. For anyone wanting to know the optimal times to take this product, just like any creatine product there really is no best time. Unless you have ingredients that are specific like pre workouts ( caffeine for example). Just make sure you get in at least 3-5g of creatine per day.

Flavor – 7/10 (Citrus)

I myself am used to unflavored creatine which I just throw into my protein or pre workout. This sample I tried was a Citrus flavor so I did get to enjoy a nice little drink. The powder itself smells like lemonheads but it was a really subtle taste and not too strong for citrus which is nice for some people who hate strong citrus taste.

Mixability – 8/10

Creatine usually always has residue left at the bottom of the cup because it has molecules in it that cant be fully absorbed by water. One of the ingredients in here which is Creatine Anhydrous is supposed to be basically creatine monohydrate with the water molecule extracted. I noticed the mixability was better than regular creatine monohydrate but there was still some leftovers at the bottom.

Value – 4/10

The biggest drawback here is probably the price and serving amount. A 60 serving container costs $29.99 on bodybuilding and the recommended dose is to take 2 servings per day. So that means you actually get a 30 serving/day supply of creatine for $29.99. Which equates to about $0.49 per scoop or $0.99 a day for 2 servings. In my opinion a little too steep for just a glorified basic creatine monohydrate. I myself will stick with my $0.15 per serving creatine monohydrate.

Thats my thoughts on Beast Creature creatine supplement. I know I only tried one serving but this is how I feel on the supplement. Below is my attached video if you would like more in-depth information and also exact ingredient profile!


Final Score – 6/10


 Beast Creature “Creatine” Review

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