AYL Sports Headphones , should you buy?

About 2 months ago I bought some new earbuds on ebay because my old ones were in bad shape. The ear cushion had broken apart leaving little pieces of fake leather all over my ear and floor sometimes. Those headphones were decent and lasted a good while I guess but didn’t look all that great on the head lol (KINIVO BTH 240). Times change and I wanted an upgrade so I looked into the more common earbuds that are good for running and working out in. I didn’t want to spend more than $40 and after doing some review research and comparison I settled on the AYL Sports Headphones. They meet all the needs I wanted and were a great price as well. I paid about $22+ $2 on ebay since I couldn’t find a place to ship to me on amazon. You might be able to get it around the same price on amazon. I’ll list this a pros and cons of my thoughts of the product.

AYL Sports Headphones

  1. Looks great
  2. Modest price $20-30
  3. Lasts 12hrs+ on a 2hr full charge
  4. multiple different style earbuds size and carrying case
  5. Hands free voice dialing, power on/pause, volume up and volume down buttons which become forward and backwards on music tracks.


  1. The clip that holds the wires together at the back of neck falls off easily and you will most likely lose it quickly
  2. After about 8hrs it becomes a little sensitive at the inner ear area if you move around a lot
  3. If you wear glasses sometimes adjusting the earbuds will also move your glasses because they are both over the ear. Minor problem.


Thats about it I couldn’t think of any more negative things but overall I am pleased with my purchase 2 months in already it is holding up strong. I do all sorts of workouts with these in and they never have fallen out before. Just make sure you get the right earbud size. The nice thing for me is I don’t even have to push them in that far for them to be secure. Some earbuds you have to cram into your ear but these just lay softly on the ear but you can also push them in further if you want for more noise isolation.

If you’re considering buying here is an amazon affiliate link provided for you.



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