Author: Lloyd L.

Begin your career as a gym instructor

This is a sponsored post for Nuwave Fitness     Begin your career as a gym instructor With plenty of people looking to take better care of their nutrition and fitness, the need for gym instructors – also known as fitness instructors – has never been in such high demand until now. From meeting new

A helpful tool for Personal Trainers!

This is a sponsored post for Nuwave Fitness   When you’re a personal trainer with lots of clients your personal schedule can be quite busy. Waking up early, meeting with multiple clients and marketing yourself can be a lot of work for just one person! Now unless you’ve got a personal assistant to manage everything

Mass Gainer Recipe: Get Buff Blizzard

This post is several weeks overdue but late is better than never my friends. Today we’ll be discussing the Get Buff Blizzard which is a special delicious concoction that will certainly help you in achieving mass gains of all kinds! If you are trying to bulk and count your calories properly (like you should already

Top 10 foods to help maintain your weight

Losing weight can be a challenge. Sadly, many people manage to reach their healthy weight only to see those unwanted extra pounds creep right back on. You don`t have to be one of those people. You`ve already learned to limit portion size and make healthy lifestyle changes. Now that you’ve done the hardest part, learning

Redefine Episode 5 + 6

So I double uploaded 2 videos today of my redefine series episode 5 and 6. Both videos are a few days apart but I uploaded them on the same day to avoid falling too far behind with these videos. Redefine Episode 6 was actually a great workout where I did 100% of the movements and