Abs on Skinny Guys comes so easily!

Why Do Skinny Guys Seem to Have Such Great Abs?

Anyone who is into fitness and health will have seen them: those folks that seem to just have everything with little to no effort. They’re slim, toned, and in great shape – all without trying. Isn’t it frustrating? What’s worse is when you see the occasional skinny guy, clearly not someone who visits the gym regularly, with perfectly ripped abs. They seem to have the most defined six-pack, something that many of us work for years to achieve. But there is a simple explanation for this phenomenon, and no, it’s not just that they’re born lucky. Let’s take a look at a few of the reasons that skinny guys sometimes have great-looking abs.

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An important distinction about abs on skinny guys

Before we discuss exactly why some skinny guys seems to have great abs, there’s an important distinction that needs to be made. For most people who enjoy exercise and fitness, increasing the strength and conditioning of a muscle is key to increasing its definition and tone. That’s not the case for skinny guys: their muscles may be more visible, but they’re nowhere near as strong. That means that even if you find yourself being jealous of their definition, remember that it’s not a result of training – and those muscles wouldn’t hold up to any kind of strain.

The main reason you can see abs on skinny guys

The number on reason that some skinny guys seem to have more defined abs than others is their lack of body fat. Understand that almost all people have a layer of fat under their skin that acts as a barrier between muscle and skin surface. But skinny guys have a much thinner fat layer, meaning everything underneath is more visible. It’s generally understood that abs on skinny guys are most visible in the 8% to 10% body fat range. The downside, of course, is that this volume of body fat is not healthy – so don’t aim for such a low body fat percentage – instead, focus on increasing core strength.

Increasing core strength and ab definition

Like any other muscle group on your body, you can create tone and definition through the right workouts. Sit-ups are the most well-known way to build mass and create tone in your abs, but you can also do stomach crunches, and even use dumbbells to increase resistance. In terms of your diet, you should cut down on saturated fats and instead try to bring down your body fat ratio – just remember to do it in a healthy way, and whatever you do, don’t turn to diet pills, steroids, or other performance enhancers.

The temptation of male supplements and drugs

The bottom line is that in order to get more defined abs when you’re not rake thin, you have to work on them. Focus on boosting that core strength in your abs, and you should see visible results without having to resort to anything drastic. There is a temptation to take supplements or even drugs to try to get the edge in fitness, but it’s not worth it. Unlike more tested solutions like Propecia for hair loss, muscle gaining supplements aren’t always safe. Obviously because hair loss supplements are more widely used, they’re more widely tested for safety – the same can’t be said for weight gain supplements, so always be careful with what you’re putting into your body.

Why do people want to avoid the hard work?

The jealousy that some people exhibit when they see abs on skinny guys is quite telling, in that it shows that some people want a ‘quick fix’. Gaining muscle mass and boosting fitness levels takes time and dedication. Yes, some people – like skinny guys – have more visible muscles, but they’re not built-up or conditioned at all. That skinny guy wouldn’t be able to do one push up – and once his metabolism slows down, that six-pack will be history. Don’t look for shortcuts, instead focus on building strength, lowering your body fat (in a healthy way), and creating definition and tone in your abs without having to resort to fad diets or – even worse – drugs and ineffective supplements. Fitness is all about dedication and motivation; without that, you’ll never reach your goals. Do you have what it takes?

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