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Lloyd by a pond 'June 2012'
Lloyd by a pond 'June 2012'

My name is Lloyd, If you’ve stumbled onto this website your more than curious as to know who exactly is the man behind this amazing fountain of information called NuWave Fitness. I originally changed my life forever September 22nd 2009 after starting P90X. I stuck with P90X for 5 rounds, tried P90X+ for two full rounds, enjoyed doing P90X2, dabbled in some P90X3 and Bodybeast as well. I’m currently doing a mixture of full body weight lifting workouts, ab workout and some yoga/stretching.

It wasn’t an easy journey for me to get to this point in my life. I’ve had a lot of hardships and stumbles along the way. Over my years of learning and experimenting I’ve found out a lot of information. I started this without knowing anything about health or fitness. Let me help you by sharing my knowledge with you! I’m currently a Certified Fitness Trainer and also a Beachbody Coach because I do believe in some of the workout programs beachbody provides (Insanity/P90X,2,3 and Bodybeast). I hope my posts on my website inspire you to reach for the stars in anything you do. Stay focused on your goals and strive towards them everyday. Please comment on my posts or even contact me directly!(nuwavefitness@gmail.com)

If your interested in having me as your beachbody coach please sign up for a free account on beachbody. That way if you ever decide to buy P90X3 or some beachbody program I’ll automatically be chosen as your coach.

Why did I want to start P90X?


I have been a skinny kid most of my life. While I was younger and in my early teens it didn’t really bother me because most of the kids my age were skinny too. No one was focused on bench press,deadlifting or squatting. As I got older I noticed that I wasn’t getting much bigger and I had to look at my surroundings and environment I was in. I changed some really important things around. Eating healthy (no more ramen 24/7!), exercising daily (had never exercised before) among other things.

Me Before & After P90X (2009-2010)
Me Before & After P90X (2009-2010)

Before I started fitness and working out, I looked at myself. A skinny 17 year old kid at 5″9. Weighing 118 pounds. I put dedication into knowing all I could about getting in shape, helping others, learning about Health & Fitness and creating this community to learn and share.

I’m happy to be where I’m at right now and it is thanks to the L-rd himself and a strong determination to make something better of myself!

“Be the change!”

I invite you to join me on my journey as I see just how far the rabbit hole goes…

P90X Begun for me on September 25 2009

coach lloyd nuwavefitness
Coach Lloyd of Nuwave Fitness August 2012


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