5 Pre-workout reviews in one post!

I tried several sample pre workouts a few weeks ago and I’ve had their empty packets on my desk here for a while! I wanted to give a real quick review on each of them. This will mostly just be based on flavour and effectiveness I had for my workout. I will leave it up to you to go to bodybuilding.com or related site and check their ingredient list to judge for yourself :).


5 pre workout reviews in one


#1 Pre Workout N.O Fury ELITE Series from the makers of MuscleTech:

Well what can I say about this pre workout, it seems like a very generic  pwo and the serving size is pretty huge (28g) which leads me to believe its not very potent or concentrated. When I see pre workouts with less than 9g per serving I know its very concetrated. The flavor was alright but I really didnt feel much at all with this pre workout. 4/10

#2 Maniac! from AI Sports Nutrition/ Pink Lemonade: This was actually a really good pre workout for me because I actually felt something I could feel the beta alanine kicking in and I had a good amount of energy that lead me to have a nice workout. The flavor pink lemonade wasnt all that great but its okay because I’m looking for results not just a taste alone. 7/10

#3 VOLATILE from Formutech Nutrition: First off this was probably the best tasting of the 5 lot here Berry Eruption tasted great and also the serving size was small which is good to me. I got decent pumps and energy from this. 8/10

#4 Superdrive from Gaspari Nutrition: This is an interesting pre workout as the ingredient profile isn’t what you would usually find and the flavor of Strawberry Kiwi interested me at first but it became so sweet that It wasn’t very pleasant to drink it all. I didnt feel much kick from this pre workout either but I did have good pump at least and vascularity from my workout. 4/10

#5 Bitrate from one 10 nutrition: This was probably the smallest serving size of a pre workout i’ve ever had (5g per serving!) only downside is im not quite sure how much caffeine or beta alanine this product has its all behind a proprietary blend. I had orange flavor which was alright it wasn’t quite like an orange fanta drink it was more watered down version. 6/10


Just wanted to share my thoughts on these products as they were samples that was included in my monthly jacked in a box program. Which you can learn more about in the video below!

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