300 Spartan Ab Workout

The Real Spartan ‘300’ Ab Workout!


Hey guys recently I found a pretty cool workout on YouTube. Its based around the very popular movie ‘300’ which was 300 spartan warriors against 10,000 Persians. The Spartans are super ripped and have insane abs. Apparently this workout is based around that! I’ve tried this workout personally, while I wouldn’t say its a 10/10 on the intensity level. I would definitely say that if you do this 3-4 times a week for 60 days. You’ll see pretty good results.

The Real Spartan 300 AB Workout!



1. Plank Touches (x20)
2. Bicycle & Rotates (x40)
3. Russian Twists (x30)
4. Spider Crawls (x20)
5. Scissor Kicks (x30)
6. Squat Thrusts (x30)
7. V-Situps (x25)
8. Side-Ups (x20/side)
9. 1-Legged Hip Bridges (x15/side)
10. Mountain Climbers (x45)



Get Ripped Abs With This Workout!

This workout takes about 20 minutes to complete, at least for me it did. Now too bad consider I had never done it before, I felt a good burn and would recommend you try it out and tell me what you think!

Shout out goes to the creator/presenter of the video.
 at TrainerJosh.com


Keep Calm & Carry On!

Lloyd Sterling
Fitness Coach

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