2013 Workout Program: Day 5, Falling off Track?

So today was supposed to be an abdominal workout day but the last three days (6th,7th,8th) I’ve been slacking on my workouts. This happens time to time… because I’m human! The plan was X-Stretch, Yoga X from P90X and then my session 3 of starting strength but on all those days I had some low back pain so instead of working out I decided to do some 10-15 minute stretching. I know, that’s the easy way out of a workout to do light stretching. Its better than absolutely nothing though I suppose :P.

The good thing about all these things is with my videos I make I’m able to look back and see how far I’ve come and get myself back on track. Often times we get into this “rut” where we feel just blah. Don’t want to workout or do anything related to exercise and proper diet. If you don’t have a way to look back on yourself to see all the positive changes then it becomes easy to stay in that bad spot. Thankfully I’ve got my videos to keep my accountable along with positive reinforcement from my Facebook group and YouTube comments(sometimes lol).

Overall I’m pleased I did my workout today even though I’m 3 days behind schedule. Tomorrows workout is planned to be Session 4 of my workout program but we’ll see. I don’t like putting weightlifting days back to back due to DOMS and the importance of rest time between workouts with weights. Tomorrow is another day so we’ll see how it goes! Video will be linked below once its done uploading. Have a great day everyone!

2013 Workout Program: Day 5

Backsquat 120lbs: 5/5/5 (no belt) diff 9/10 – didn’t feel very strong here, lower back pain
Flat Bench Press 125lbs: 5/5/6 (3 tempo, good burn) diff 6/10 –
Barbell Row from Ground 85lbs: 5/ 5/5 diff 8/10


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