2013 Workout Program: Day 4

Day 4 of my 2013 workout program for Starting Strength was today. This is technically what I like to call workout “C” because it’s the minor muscle group workouts of Day 1 & Day 2 weight lifting combined into this C workout. Reason behind that is once the weight gets higher, doing 6-8 different exercises takes up to 2 hours in length! So what I’ve done is just do the first 3 compound exercises and do these smaller muscle groups on this day.

So today was the first time actually doing this and also the end of week one. If you missed my Day 2 video I suggest you check it out right here!  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cvGThrBRW30

Now lets move onto the moves we did today in the workout C.

Move List / Reps/ 
*Most are 3 sets

Pull Ups 14/7/5
Barbell Bicep Curls 50lbs: 8/8/8
Rear Delt Raise 50lbs: 8/8/8
Hamstring Curls 50lbs: 8/8/8
Dips w/ Chair: 30/25/20
Skullcrushers 45lbs: 8/8/8
Calf Raises 50lbs: 8/8/8

Now this is only day 1 of this workout C so it’s not going to be a super heavyweight otherwise i’d max out within 1-2 weeks! The plan is to increase the weight by 5lb every workout until we max out. At which point I’ll asses the situation and either deload or restart the program with a heavier starting weight. Periodization !

Week 1 Summary: With the end of week one I’m looking back at a positive workout week. I didn’t miss any workouts this week and only took C4 Extreme 3x (I love C4 I want to take it everyday haha! ). We also did good on putting out videos everyday except the rest day which I wasn’t planning to put one out anyway on that day.  Here is to going into week 2 with high hopes! Tomorrow is X-Stretch!

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