2013 Workout Program: Day 2

Today was my second day of working out with my new workout program. The scheduled workout was the abdominal muscle group. I decided to try something new today and mix & match some exercises I liked. Here is how it went down, I did a superset of 5 moves!

2013 Workout Program Day 2 : Abdominals

#1. V-Sit With Weighted-Medicine Ball Twist (1 sets 25 reps) 8lb ball
#2 Basic Crunch ( 2 sets 16 reps) (10lb weight)
#3 oblique crunch ( 2 sets PER SIDE 16 reps each)
#4 Reverse Crunch (2 sets 16 reps) (10lb )
#5 Front Plank ( 2 sets 1 minute)
Repeat for total 2 rounds.

Overall pretty happy with how it went today, enjoy the attached video below!

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