AYL Sports Headphones , should you buy?

About 2 months ago I bought some new earbuds on ebay because my old ones were in bad shape. The ear cushion had broken apart leaving little pieces of fake leather all over my ear and floor sometimes. Those headphones were decent and lasted a good while I guess but didn’t look all that great on

TribeSigns Wireless Bluetooth Kitchen Scale Review

Product Review: TribeSigns Wireless Bluetooth Kitchen Scale Company: Amazon via seller Gotobuy-USA (100% feedback rating) Price Range:  $30 Who Would Buy This: The type of person interested in purchasing TribeSigns Wireless Bluetooth Kitchen Scale would be someone who enjoys counting their calories and knowing exact amounts of calories,macronutrients and micronutrients. Also someone who is more technically inclined and

Getting Fit With Krav Maga

Getting Fit With Krav Maga Krav Maga is known as a mixed martial arts and self-defense system used by the Israeli Defense forces. It dates back to pre-World War II, to a young man who had studied martial arts. Needing an efficient way to defend himself, he began using his knowledge of martial arts to

P90X3 Review: X3 Yoga

Today was my first time trying X3 yoga from P90x3 which is the 3rd installment in the P90 X series. The main selling point of P90x3 is the fact all the workouts are about 30 minutes max. I just recently started with P90x3 so I haven’t tried all the workouts yet. This was my first

Home Workout Clips: #5

Hey guys! Here is some workout footage of my home workout. Todays exercises were some accessory work like biceps/deltoids etc. Overall felt pretty good but another thing is that I’ve decided to start using my weighted vest again. How long I’ll be using it for is unknown right now but I do know that it